Meet Sylvia

Sylvia Ann Thornton

has been living with Down syndrome since her birth in 1953. A healthy and vibrant member of her Lebanon, Kentucky, community until 2009, when her mental and physical dexterities began to decline, Sylvia now requires total in-home care. Her primary caregivers are her parents, both over 80 years old.

“I realized when Sylvia began to decline what some of the needs of the Down syndrome community are, so I decided to launch a foundation to assist families like Sylvia’s who are choosing to keep their loved ones in a home health environment, but who are faced with steep challenges,” Lisa J. Houston, board president and Sylvia’s sister, said when she announced the creation of the Sylvia Ann Thornton Foundation.

“While Sylvia will not receive benefits from the SAT Foundation, the foundation seeks to provide support to other families with adults who have Down syndrome and are in a home health situation where funds are limited and there are other challenges,” Houston said.

Sylvia has been able to remain at home with her parents thanks to funding from the Michelle P. Waiver Medicaid program, which has allowed her to receive quality care at home. “More and more parents and caregivers are choosing home health options,” Houston said, “because it helps to keep their loved ones in a wholesome environment and, in most cases, helps to minimize costs. However, there are limitations to the Waiver program. If families do not have supplemental insurance, those limitations can pose a hardship, she said.”

The SAT Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, will provide supplemental services where those limitations exist.

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